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Exhibition Design
Milan Design Week, Milan, 2022
Authors: Centre for Creativity / Graphic design: Studio Kruh

During Milano Design Week Slovenia presented innovative products by Slovenian designers who break with the established, albeit often bad social habits. Through the products hosted at this exhibition the designers offered a critique of the existing economic and social systems as well as a different perspective on production. They brought new uses, new functionalities and materiality as well as a concern for healthy environments and society. They shared a desire to reveal the background behind the product development process and the idea of using good design to build a community. They emphasised the value of combining digital and manual work, with the latter serving as a tool for people’s psychosocial empowerment.

The exhibition was placed right in the center of the Milan Design Week – Zona Tortona. The concept was an extension of the theme presented and was based on environmentally friendly materials and recycling. Three grey lines seamlessly conceded interior and exterior space and offered a unified canvas for the presentation of exhibited products.