Product Design
Hibear Co, 2018

Insulated bottle with an integrated cocktail, cold brew and pour-over coffee making tools.

Hibear Adventure Flask was developed to give you a possibility of making your favourite type of beverage on the go making it innovative, easy to use, rugged and versatile answer to a modern outdoor lifestyle.

Multipurpose features enable you to infuse tea, make pour-over and cold brew coffee, aerate wine or cool down beer, mix cocktails or just carry a litre of freshwater. All that with a single bottle that is designed to be both simple to use and understand. Its vacuum insulated shell, made from safe and tough Tritan and stainless steel make the bottle sustainable and healthy to use.

Red Dot Product Design 2020
iF Design Award 2021
Featured in:
Outdoor Retailer Fair 2019 / Gear Patrol 2019