¦ ∆ | Alma Maximiliana Karlin – Schriftstellerin

Exhibition design, Graphic design
Haus aus Dom, Frankfurt, 2023
Exhibition authors: Stane Rozman, Marija Počivavšek, Tanja Roženberger

With the exhibition “Alma Maximiliana Karlin – Writer,” three Slovenian museums – Pokrajinski muzej Celje (Regional Museum Celje), Muzej novejše zgodovine Celje (Museum of Contemporary History Celje), and Slovenski etnografski muzej (Slovene Ethnographic Museum) – showcase the literary journey of Alma M. Karlin on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, where Slovenia played the role of an honorary guest.

The central theme of the exhibition revolves around quotes from Alma’s literary works, through which she continually explores timely questions about power dynamics, the role of traditions, gender issues, and social inequalities. Numerous works from all periods of the author’s life are presented.

The exhibition space diverges from a traditional museum setting, and is placed into a cultural and congress center offering a diverse range of events. The exhibition content accompanies visitors throughout all four floors of the center, presenting content with a unified and distinctive identity that captures attention at every turn. Simultaneously, it gracefully distances itself from the other functions of the space, allowing normal day to day use.

TheThe exhibiton concept is based on segments, symbolizing individual pages from the presented literary works. These pages, layed down one next to the other, construct a comprehensive narrative of the author’s life.