¦ ∆ | Do You Remember Thea?

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Celje Regional Museum, 2016

In memory of the 110th anniversary of her birth and 85th anniversary of her first arrival in Celje, The Celje Regional Museum presented the life and work of Thea Schreiber Gammelin for the first time.

Museum collection contains many documents, photographs, paintings and some of her personal objects. They were exhibited in layers that show the contrast of who she really was, an extremely kind, always willing to help, spectacular women and how she was seen from the perspective of the outside world – often described as a witch, a weirdo, … Looking at these layers from different angles allows the visitors to decide for themselves.

The scenography and graphics are a visual interpretation of her story that was divided into 11 object groups representing chapters of her life. Spatial installation of a translucent room reconstructs her most creative years in the context of her best work. Visiting route ends with an interacitve curtain of quotes summarizing a video documentary that can be seen in the background and a game which allows children not only to evolve their creativity but also understand Thea and her story.