¦ ∆ | Identity on the Line – Ljubljana

Exhibition design, Graphic design, Webpage design and development
National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia, 2021
Currators: Corinne Brenko, Urška Purg / Web Development: Simon Pihler / Photos & Video: Tadej Abram

The traveling exhibition “Identity on the Line” marks the culmination of a broader collaboration among six museums and a university from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, and Slovenia within the framework of the I-ON project. The exhibition delves into the long-term consequences of various migration processes, both forced and voluntary, in Europe over the past century. Over 50 collected testimonies from migrants of diverse backgrounds and nationalities are categorized into five key themes that shape the narrative of the exhibition.

The exhibition’s concept and graphic design are comming from three keywords: borders, intertwining, and work in progress. This is manifested in the choice of materials, which draw inspiration from construction scaffolding elements and reinforcing mesh. The forms of these elements are also echoed in the graphic design, which is simultaneously monochromatic, further emphasizing societal attitudes toward the presented theme—the overarching thread of the entire exhibition.

Over the course of a year, the installation toured all seven participating countries. In addition to presenting the content at the physical locations, the exhibition facilitates interactive engagement through its website. Alongside other features, the website encourages visitors to share personal experiences related to the presented theme, thereby fostering a dynamic connection between the physical exhibition and its online presence.