¦ ∆ | Impressions 30

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Slovene Ethnographic Museum, 2020
Curators: Dr. Tanja Roženbergar, Helena Janežič


Exhibition Impressions 30 – Memories of Slovenians Abroad upon recognition of the independent Slovenia was prepared in the cooperation between The Slovene Ethnographic Museum and The National and University Library of Slovenia at the 30th anniversary of independence.

The exhibition was based on 67 personal impressions of people who were not living in the mother country when independence was achieved. Impressions were presented as personal letters designed in various typographies and layouts. Additional handwriting notes and personal pictures were attached with large paper clips which was making the visual impact of the exhibition even more intimate.

In addition to the letters, various literature was shown and the selected content was presented on the duplicated pages in front of the display cases.

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