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Visual Indentity Design, Webpage Design and Development
IUN d.o.o., 2016

Inštitut za upravljanje nepremičnin is a start-up management company that uses their research to bring smart online solutions to managing property and real estate in Slovenia.

The identity consists of a color scheme and typography that matches their professionalism and trustworthiness, accompanied by everyday geometric shapes that show growth and management.

Their website was designed and developed to communicate the findings of their research and offer solutions to help everyone struggling with issues regarding the management of their real estate. To make it sound a bit less abstract, we have created a primary set of icons to lead the users through the content of the website and a secondary set of icons in addition to general questions that help visitors correlate and further understand their activities.

As an extension to the identity we have also designed a template for marketing materials such as online banners, flyers and presentation folders.