| ∆ | Kredenca

Furniture Design, Product Graphics
Concept, 2015

The kredenca was once a central element of furniture in Slovenian homes, a preeminent position that was gradually lost becouse of changes in life style and living places. We were thus faced with a challenge: could the Slovenian carpentry tradition meet the needs of the contemporary consumer and create a redesigned kredenca that would once again find a place in our homes.

We had the additional goal of drawing on new insights into traditional construction in order to propel the product into a higher price range. The most remarkable element in the new version of the kredenca is the fabric that replaces the glass doors of the old kredencas. The use of fabric with harmonica pleats and an origami pattern is original and at the same time brings a sense of lightness and transparency to the object. The fabric is available in various colors and can be changed in accordance with the desires of the user. The shape of the piece can also be adapted, having either a vertical or horizontal design.


Young Balkan Designers 2015 Award / Top Idea Ljubljana Furniture Fair 2015 Award

Featured in:

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art 2018 / ORIS House of Architecture 2017 / Imm Cologne 2016 / Hiše Magazine, Januar 2016 / Wood25, A selection of Contemporary Slovenian Wood Design / TV Ambient RTV SLO / Dom slovenskega oblikovanja 2016 / MMC RTV SLO, Maj 2016 / Month of Design Ljubljana 2016 / Viennna Design Week 2015 / Mikser Festival 2015 / Belgrade Furniture Fair 2015 / Dan D Zagreb 2015 / Skopje Design Week 2015 / Plovdiv Design Week 2015 / Istanbul Design Week 2015 / Delo in Dom Magazine, December 2015 / Month of Design Ljubljana 2015 / Ambient Ljubljana Furniture Fair 2015