¦ ∆ | The Mysterious World of Medieval Scribes

Exhibition design, Graphic design
Slovene Museum of Christianity, Stična, 2020
Exhibition authors: Tadej Trnovšek

The permanent exhibition “The Mysterious World of Medieval Scribes” at the Museum of Christianity in Slovenia offers visitors an in-depth insight into the lives and work of medieval scribes. The entire exhibition space, with its dim lighting, emphasizes the mystical atmosphere of monastery scriptoria, where scribes manually transcribed books during the Middle Ages.

A special feature of the exhibition is a physical interactive book placed in the central part of the exhibition space. By turning the pages of the book, visitors trigger animated content, enabling an interactive experience of medieval writing.

The central focus is on the visual presentation of key artifacts, tools, and documents created by medieval scribes. Lighting is directed spot-on to the showcases, allowing visitors a closer examination of the artifacts.

Interactive elements of the exhibition, such as video content and interactive games on digital media, contribute to a better understanding and engagement of visitors. They illustrate the processes of bookmaking in the Middle Ages, comparing them with modern methods.

Graphic elements of the exhibition, such as enlargements of medieval manuscripts, initials, and illustrations, are carefully selected and placed in the exhibition space, complementing the overall experience and providing visitors with a better insight into the artistic world of the Middle Ages.

The exhibition “The Mysterious World of Medieval Scribes” is designed and set up with the aim of providing a lasting and interactive experience for visitors who seek to understand the heritage and art of medieval scribes and the significance of their work.