¦ ∆ | WELLCOME to Technical Museum

Exhibition design, graphic design
Technical Museum of Slovenia , 2023
Exhibition authors: Irena Marusic, Barbara Rezar Grilc, Ajda Kozjek

The exhibition “Welcome” commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the Technical Museum of Slovenia focuses on the concept of an ‘open depot.’ The concept represents showcases and platforms of museum artifacts as symbolic elements reflecting the storage of objects in museum depots. In this way, we presented an extensive collection of items from different periods.

The exhibition content is presented chronologically but in reverse order compared to the usual approach. It begins with the present and concludes with historical content. Various historical periods are subtly distinguished by a selected color scheme, enabling visitors to follow the chronological timeline more easily.

The peripheral walls of the exhibition space feature motifs of museum visitors from different time periods, contextualizing the presented objects and enhancing their story with insights into life at the museum. The central part of the exhibition houses an interactive workshop for children, encouraging active participation in exploring technical heritage.