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Visual Indentity Design, Webpage Redesign
Slovene Writers’ Association, 2018

This year’s literary festival Slovenski Dnevi Knjige brought together literature and film. Festival hosted a wide range of events, round tables and conversations.

Film projections of the most renowned domestic films – literary adaptations of prominent Slovenian artists – took place at various cinemas around the city of Ljubljana. Beside the most famous domestic writers and film makers, guests of honour were the famous Ferenc Török and Gabor T. Szántó. The program was also complemented by a rich book fair.

For this occasion, we redesigned the identity of the festival, which is contemporary and neutral at the same time. It easily adapts to different topics of the festival and does not overshadow them. The identity is built around the main motif illustrated by renowned visual artist Tina Dobrajc. In various applications this motif gives place to other content of the festival. We also redesigned the logo, which connects and complements the identity of this year’s festival, and at the same time with its simple structure offers the frame for the appearance of the festival in the future. The name of the festival was merged with a red dot which represents literature. The dot in the composition with its name resembles a match and thus symbolizes inspiration and spark, and explains chemistry and connection between the author and his work.